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One of the big lessons I’ve learned since starting Dignity Integrative Health & Wellness is that in order to help people reach optimum health, integrative medicine physicians need to be much more than just healthcare providers.

We are also coaches, educators, investigators, and above all partners in a journey.

It is in that spirit that I started sending a monthly list of things I’ve been reading, watching, or thinking about. I hope these are educational, wherever you are on your journey toward better health and wellness, or if you just have an interest in integrative or functional medicine.

If you have any recommendations for how to do them better, feel free to just reply to this email. And, if you find it useful, please consider forwarding to a friend or loved one.

- Angelo Falcone, Doctor of Integrative Medicine

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Integrative medicine physician and founder of Dignity Integrative, partnering with patients to improve sleep, nutrition, movement, and mental resiliency.